Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It’s Up, Up And Away

The coach has been washed, the truck has been washed.  The truck still needs new tires.  Due to a mix up somewhere, the right tires didn’t get shipped into the tire store for the truck.  Supposedly they’ll arrive this morning at nine o’clock. 

We returned the ladder to Mike and Peggy’s and visited for a few minutes before heading out to Uncle Wally’s.  Once home, we had dinner, watched some TV, and did a little reading before hitting the hay.

Today it’s up, up and away - We’re moving to Belfast.  We had planned to go on Friday, but rain is moving in tonight and lasting through the weekend so we decided to hit the road early.  No sense driving and setting up in the rain if you don’t have to.

We’ll have breakfast with Mike and Peggy at Kopper Kettle and then, hopefully, go to “retire” the truck.  We plan to be on the road by noon time (best made plans of mice and men).  It’s only an eighty mile trip from Topsham to Belfast so after a couple of hours you should find us all set up again.

So, we’ll see ya from Belfast.  Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - -