Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Let The Good Times Roll

Did you know that not all National Parks sell the America The Beautiful and/or the Senior Passes?  Randy and Terry (see Guiler Travels) found that out after a drive over to Gettysburg National Battlefield.  Of all places to get a Senior’s Pass, that one would have been high on my list.  It seems that our Gummint has outsourced the visitor’s center to a concessionaire to run, and heaven forbid, they aren’t competent enough to sell the passes.  They’re way too busy selling America souvenirs made in China to bother with the sales of park passes.  We’d better keep a close eye on our “leaders” or else they’ll start selling our National Parks to the highest bidder!

Well, the Mainers (or Maineiacs) are whining, but the southerners (that be us) are smiling from ear to ear.  The “heat” is setting in; it might even get into the eighties today.  Yeah, bring on the eighties.  Finally, our bones are beginning to thaw out.  We’ve been slowly freezing to death with all this winter weather up here in the great Pine Tree, Vacationland state.  It seems nice to be able to wear shorts and sandals once again.

Alex, the alarm katt, has been going off at around five o’clock every morning.  He wants his momma up for some luving attention.  He likes fresh water and his food bowl topped off as well, but he likes to crawl up beside Judy in the recliner and rock while looking out the window.  What a katt!  Katie, on the other hand, just sleeps in at the foot of the bed until it’s time to get up and then relocates herself to her blanket on the sofa.  Occasionally, she does “peep” a couple of times to get me to make room for her on my pillow, which she did this morning.

Today and tomorrow is all that’s left of our career here at Wild Duck Campground.  This is a little jewel and a great find for adult RVers passing through Maine.  Campgrounds in the east are expensive, but this one is worth the price.  You get a nice sized well maintained and clean site located in a great area for exploring the quaint coastal villages along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline.  Seafood is plentiful in the area plus there is plenty of shopping within a ten mile radius.  All that makes this a great campground for a several day stay.  

With our pending freedom and good weather setting in, let the good times roll.  We’ll be joining with our playmates for another Maine Event.  If you are going to be in the Brunswick, Maine area next week, think about joining us for a week of friends, food, ferments, frolicking, and fun – the more the merrier.

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