Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Hunkered Down In Pennsylvania

Sunday morning you’d have found us on the road to Alexandria to worship with the kids.  Now the neat thing about where they live is that they can walk to everything.   We walked to church and after church we walked to Osteria 1909 where Joel and Mary treated us to brunch.  

Joel and Mary are good friends, and customers, of the folks who own La Strada Italian restaurant in Del Ray.  La Strada serves authentic Tuscan dishes and the food is nothing short of fabulous.   When the store front right next to La Strada became available they jumped on it and opened Osteria 1909 which serves authentic Milan style breakfasts and sandwiches as well as fine wines. 

The brunch was superb and, in real Italian tradition, we lingered over our meals just enjoying the ambience, the fine coffee, and the nice conversation.  Thanks kids for a special Mother’s and Father's Day treat.

After brunch we walked back to their apartment and spent the rest of the afternoon chit chatting.  Around three o’clock we started making tracks for Bull Run Regional Park and Campground. 

Yesterday morning we hitched up the rig and began heading further north up the highway.  It wasn’t an uneventful day, however, in that the rain began coming down right after we entered Pennsylvania.  We arrived at the campground at twelve thirty and, once set up, spent the rest of the day relaxing and resting, reclining and reading.  Oh yes, a little nap also snuck it’s way into the “busy” afternoon.

We’ll hold up at Lickdale Campground for today, as well, while the rainy weather passes by plus we could use a “down day”.  It’s not raining yet, but later this morning the rains are coming and we’re in for a good soaking.  From here, tomorrow morning, it will be an eight hour run to New Hampshire for another grand child fix.

May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -


  1. Central Pennsylvania (my home) is calling for lots of rain on and off all this week. So glad I am heading to Jamaica this weekend. I am starving for some good sunshine. Safe travels,

  2. We have stayed at Lickdale Campground several times over the years.
    Travel safe and enjoy the ride.