Saturday, May 12, 2012

Keeping Ourselves Busy Isn’t Hard

While everyone else was w*rking and sch**ling, G’Ma and G’Pa took a drive over to West Chesterfield, New Hampshire to the Truck Camper Warehouse to look at (what else?) truck campers.  They are the largest truck camper dealership in the United States and have several of the top line truck campers.  However, we only found one that we felt that we could “live” with. 

A couple of reasons for purchasing a truck camper is:  1)  You never have to register them as they have no wheels or motors and,  2)  They are small enough to get around town in and/or down back roads with.  A good reason to buy one in New Hampshire is that there is no sales tax which means big savings.  Anyhow, there are all sorts of disadvantages to buying one that we won’t bother to list here.

The one we “liked” is a Chalet Ascent.  It is made for a short bed pick up and comes equipped with a generator, two house batteries (you can have up to four batteries), a 600 watt inverter, thermal pane windows, entertainment center with a 22” flat screen TV, etc..  The price for a new one is in the 40Ks – another disadvantage to purchasing one.


Oh well, we don’t see a truck camper in our future, but the question remains – “Why are you looking in the first place?”  Well, we are getting tired of dragging 38’ behind us when we’re doing our “visitation loop” from AL to TN, VA, NH, ME, MI, TN, and back to AL.  Plus, we like the idea of going out on a six to eight week sightseeing trip and then returning home – smaller would be better.  The thought is that we would anchor the fifthwheel down at Rainbow Plantation as our home base until we buy a home either in Alabama or Tennessee.  Anyhow, we don’t see a truck camper as an option, especially not at forty plus thousand dollars.

Friday night is pizza night at the New Hampshire Patterson household so G’Pa and G’Ma joined in to uphold the tradition.  The Pizza Barn, which is located right in town Jaffrey (and less than a mile from the house), proved to be a good place to acquire the said pizza.  We got a pepperoni pizza for the kids, a Grecian pizza for the ladies, and a meat lovers pizza for the men folk.  There was enough of each to mix and match and it was all good.  I’ve never met a pizza I didn’t like, it’s just that some pizzas are better than others.

It’s been nice being right next door.  We’ve had more face time so far in this visit than we’ve had in the past.  Judy picked up Miss Briana from school yesterday afternoon.  Amie and the other two didn’t arrive home until somewhere close to six.  Lola and Rocco are a couple of live wires to say the least.  Their legs never stop and they can think of new messes to make faster than you can clean up the last mess.  Whew, we don’t think we could keep up to these two for very long.  But cute?  Why, they are cuter than a whole basket full of kittens.  We’ve enjoyed every minute of being around them (so far, that is).  We’ll be sure to get some pictures posted soon.

Well, that’s a wrap for today.  May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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