Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just A Traveling (Wo)Man

We got underway at 0830 and managed to pull out of John and Cheryl’s driveway without pulling the gutter off their house this time.  It was another uneventful travel day with us sliding into our camp site by two thirty, just before a series of severe thunder storms came rolling through. 

I had my drink in hand and was sitting in my recliner gawking out the window before the sky opened up and rains came tumbling down.  The temps had hit 91* just before the cold front came rushing in creating a lot of havoc - you know, a cold front moving across a warm behind tends to cause a lot of disturbance.  Anyhow, the temps dropped almost twenty degrees in a matter of minutes while the thunder and lightning danced in the sky to entertain us.

We stayed at Fort Bellefonte Campground, a new Passport America member.  The campground is old, but nice and well worth the stay (especially considering it’s a fifty amp, full hookup site with cable TV for $21 per night).  This is a great location for us as it makes a nice stop along our trek from Maine to Michigan.  The only bad thing was our Verizon internet connection was slow to non-existent and the campground WIFI wasn’t working.

Today we’ll make our way onto Judy’s Sister’s place in Holly, Michigan – a long travel day to say the least.  So, see ya for now.

May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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