Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Can’t Believe We Ate The Whole Thing

Yesterday unfolded just as we predicted it would.  The laundry was done at Peggio’s (pronounce PeeGeeOhs) Kitchen, Bath House, and Laundromat while the oil got changed at Mikee’s RV Maintenance, Electric, and Lube Center.  We came home for a ham “sammich” and then hit the TFM (Topsham Fair Mall) area.  We were each successful in finding some pants at Goodwill and Green Mountain Coffee at Hannaford’s, but fell flat at JoAnn’s and the Fish Market. 

After all of that running about, it was decided that a nice Shrimp Scampi Pizza at Cabin Pizza was in order.  Mike and Peggy picked us up and we headed to Bath, Maine, home to said pizza place.  We ordered two (count ‘em – two) large (14”) Shrimp Scampi pizzas along with drinks.  I can’t believe we ate the whole thing, but we did.  Oh my, we were full, but it was yummy.

The four of us returned home for a late Tea Time with a couple of Sam Adams and our conversation continuing.  Now, this very morning, we are waiting for a phone call from Mikee informing us what time to meet up with them for breakfast at Jen’s Place in Brunswick.  Yep, out to eat once again, that ought to be good for the old budget and waist line.  I’m pretty sure that I’m closing in on licking my anorexia problem.

The only thing left on our “Get-R-Done While In Maine” list is a trip to L. L. Bean.  We have quite a few Bean Bucks to spend with some expiring if we don’t use them soon.  Judy would like another pair of blue jean shorts but, if she doesn’t find anything she likes, I’m sure that we can find something else that old Leon Leonwood has stashed away on his premises.

Happy Shopping and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - - 

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  1. Last time my husband and I were in that very L.L. Bean store, he was sadly in need of a whole wardrobe, because he HATES to shop and puts it off until desperate. I put him in a dressing room, left with his shorts and wallet to go find him items to try, and didn't let him have his shorts back until he had tried and found enough of what he needed. We joke about it to this day. That happened on our 25th anniversary trip to Maine.