Saturday, May 19, 2012

It’s A Wrap

Another beautiful day.  That’s two in a row.  It must be some sort of a record or something up here in Maine for the month of May.   But it was nice to see our old friend, Mr. Sunshine, again.  And, guess what?  We’re in for another good day today.  How neat is that?

Yesterday morning I took Miss Judy for a walk.  We left the house turning right and walked three tenths of a mile east and then we walked a half mile south followed by about a mile east again where we turned north for about two tenths of a mile.  That brought us to Home Supply Center, Aunt Eunice’s Hardware store, in downtown Belfast, Maine. 

We got to visit with Aunt Eunice for about twenty minutes and then it was on the hoof again.  We walked up Main Street to Post Office Square (it used to be round until Urban Renewal decided it should actually be square) where we turned west for about a mile before heading north to Congress where we turned west again for the final leg.  All tolled, it was about a three mile walk, give or take a few inches.

Mike and Shauna were busy packing up for their week on the river so Judy and I kept ourselves occupied.  I assisted Mike a little bit here and there with the lifting part of his job.  He decided to put the canoes on the top of the truck and car rather than take the canoe trailer so I helped carry them around the house and lift them up onto the truck.   This is a job that he usually does by himself with each canoe weighing about 85 pounds.

While they continued organizing, Judy and I made a run to the store to get the “stuff” to make a crab meat pie, fill a propane tank, and top off the truck’s fuel tank with good old number 2 diesel.  Once home, we whipped up the said crab meat pie. 

The pie was a hit, both Mike and Shauna loved it,  Shauna wants the recipe.  We ate it along with some steamed broccoli and Shauna had made up some raspberry squares for desert.  Another fine meal at the Patterson households.

Well, today is it.  They head out on another adventure on the St. John’s River while we head for the Topsham Fairgrounds.  Tonight we join Mike and Peggy at Peggio’s (pronounced Pee-gee-ohs) Restaurant, Bath House, and Laundromat for some real fine dining.  We’ll be roughing it smoothly this coming week as the Fairgrounds hasn’t turned the water on yet which means electric and sewer hookups only.  We’ll have to swing by Mike’s RV Repair, Car Wash, and Lube Center to top off our water tank before setting up “camp” at the Fairgrounds.  I had planned to wash the rig this coming week, but that’s out until we find a spigot.

Happy Trails To You and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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  1. Now you are teasing the readers. Crabmeat Pie, Steamed Broccoli and Raspberry Squares. My tummy is growling. I can figure out the Steamed Broccoli, but for the other two items, I am clueless. Please, Please, Please. Post the recipes. Your readers can then enjoy the same meal. Think of it is web dining.