Sunday, May 06, 2012

An Unsurprised Birthday Party

We woke up yesterday, stretched, scratched, stumbled to the coffee pot, and slurped down a cup of java to get the day rolling along.  It was a relaxing morning.  We did our household chores, played on our ‘puters, and read our books/Nooks.  Even the “puddy tatts” were pretty laid back and relaxed, just the way we like our mornings to be.

After lunch we made our way into Joel and Mary’s.  Joel was planning an “unsurprised” birthday party for Mary.  Her birthday was a week ago, but he waited until her parents were in town.  What a nice son-in-law; we’re lucky to have the best son and daughters-in-law that anyone could ask for.  Anyway, being that the party was in the evening we dilly dallied the morning away before beating the highways into Alexandria.

It takes us about an hour to make the trip from Bull Run Regional Park and Campground to the Del Ray portion of Alexandria and there’s just no easy way to get there.  The traffic, as stated before, is just horrendous.  We have to drive I-66 to Arlington and then take Glebe Road, with it’s thousands of traffic lights, south to Del Ray.  The whole trip is only 36 miles, it just seems like hundreds and hundreds.

The party was scheduled for seven P.M., but it is considered fashionable to be late in these here parts of the U. S..  They’re just not like Escapees that when someone yells free food it looks like seagulls flocking behind a shrimp boat.  The guests finally arrived and we all had a good time.  Judy and I were the elders of the party whereas the rest were young marrieds with either babies or puppies.  Small dawgs are in in Alexandria.

The old folks hit the road at around quarter after eight making our way to our PJs and beddy bye.  We are hitting the road early this morning to attend church with our kids; afterall, that’s why we are in this area of the country – to spend time with Mary and Joel.  It’s really good to be with them, just wished we could fine a campground a little closer to their apartment.

Well, time to start getting ready for church.  See ya on the flip side.  May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -   

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