Friday, March 11, 2011

Back To Normal

I went to see the vampire yesterday to get my blood work done for my annual physical next week.  While we were in Florida, we decided to do our grocery shopping to see if food prices were any better.  They’re not; however, we didn’t have to pay the 8% sales tax on food items that we have to pay in Alabama.  Too bad it takes three gallons of fuel to get there and back, that would wipe out any savings on sales tax – unless you’re already in Florida for something else like my doctor appointments.

Speaking of food, the cost is getting pretty ridiculous.  Prices are rising every week while the quantities are decreasing.  I couldn’t believe the new size of the spaghetti sauce and olive oil jars/bottles.  One good thing, we’ll have more space in our cupboards from now on.

Our furnace has been making some strange noises, so yesterday afternoon I investigated those noises.  What I learned is one of the screws holding a face plate on was loose as well as one of the bolts holding the furnace to its foundation.  I upgraded the bolting and retightened the screw on the face plate.  I may have to add lock washers if it loosens again.

The happy little furnace lives under the happy little refrigerator which means that I have to lay on my happy little belly to work on it so it’s not the easiest thing in this happy little world to work on.  But, fixed it is and it sounds “normal” once again as it heats up our happy little home.  So, that’s one more item off the Ol’ Ta Do List.

With Social Time, a quick visit with Randy and Terry, dinner, some reading, and “Bones” our day was rounded out.  Today we’ll continue working on the Ol’ Ta Do List and readying our Little House On The Highway to roll once again.

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - -   


  1. You and your "happy" little furnace have been watching too much Bob Ross!

  2. Hope to hear you are "rolling" our way real soon!