Thursday, March 31, 2011

More About The Grand Kids

“Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the game.”  Well, this isn’t exactly a ball game, but they don’t have a good hockey song.  Here are some ardent hockey fans cheering on the Nashville Predators.  Catia was one of the Junior Cheerleaders and got to perform during the game – how exciting!!

Sisters  Radek

It rained most of yesterday morning so we just “stood” inside and worked on getting paperwork done.  Katie and Alex got their nails done (not one of Katie’s favorite things).  Today they’ll get their hair done (not another one of Katie’s favorite things).  Tomorrow they get their booster shots (you guessed it, not another of Katie’s favorite things).  Just so you know, Alex doesn’t much care for any of the above either, but he tolerates it while Katie throws a big hissy fit.

“This is the way we wash our rig, wash our rig, wash our rig!”  Today I’ll crawl up onto the roof and begin the task of washing our house.  We want a clean machine when we start “Wandering America” again.  With all the “pine dust” that we’ve had this spring, I’m sure that the roof will require a good scrubbing.  Tomorrow and Saturday I should finish washing the RV and the truck.  Sunday I’ll pick up the oil and filters for the truck at Uncle Wally’s corner grocery, hair care, and auto lube center.  Gonna be busy, busy, busy over the next week.

Even though we are “chomping at the bit” to get underway, I guess we don’t want to head too far north too fast.  It looks like New England is in for another foot or so of snow from that storm that passed over us yesterday.  Yes, snow on April first – no fooling!  The last thing we want to hear is, “We’ll plow your site out for you!”  We’ve heard that one once before in Michigan and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

"We'll Plow Your Site Out For You!"

We have “camped” once before in sub zero weather in this unit.  It was around 10 below and we kept the slides in so there would be less area to heat.  The furnace ran “twenty four seven” and we burned through a thirty pound tank of propane every two days just to keep the coach in the high sixties.  Even though we have thermopane windows and the “arctic” insulation package, this unit is still not made for winter living.

Well, it’s time to get my kiesta moving so,

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -

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