Friday, March 25, 2011

Making Progress

We have gone through all the closets and cabinets in the coach, we’ve gone through the RV’s “basement” and “shed”, and now all that’s left on the Ol’ Ta Do List for the rig is to clean out the file drawers and a wash/wax job.  We’ll save the file drawers for next week since we’re supposed to get some rainy days and attend to the washing/waxing after the rain pushes through.

Today we’re going to tackle the storage shed.  After a quick review, we both agree that it probably won’t be as big a job as we thought; after all, we’ve gone through and sorted most of the “stuff” once before.  It’s just the additional “stuff” that we’ve moved from the RV into the shed that’s not neatly organized and/or packed away.  We should finish the job today leaving two weeks for us to prep our equipment for summer travels.

We have a couple of items to take care of on our site; trim back the bushes next to the shed and wash the north wall of the shed as it is all mildew plus we’ll need to mow the lawn a couple more times.

That will leave the truck requiring the major work; it needs to be cleaned inside and out, change the oil and filter, change the air and fuel filter, and wash and wax.  Makes me tired just to think of it all, but we’ll be ready to pull out in two weeks from today.

Okay, that’s enough on the Ol’ Ta Do List.  We, being the retired people that we are, mix it up.  We’ll spend a few hours working on “the list” and then we’ll find a nice spot to put out the lounging lawn chairs where we can sit back, sip iced tea, and read.  We, also, squeeze a daily walk into our schedule as well as checking in on Randy and Terry (or Randy and Terry checking in on us).

Today is my baby’s birthday so I’m going to cook her one of her favorite meals; pork scallopini followed by a strawberry or blueberry cheese cake (her choice) for dessert with freshly squeezed coffee.  We’ll start with a nice frozen margarita and probably sip a nice wine with dinner.  That should be fun and yummy.

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - -


  1. Dinner sounds great. Too bad we won't be there to help you two enjoy it and to wish Judy a Happy Birthday - in person. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDY!!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Ms Judy from the both of us --

  3. Happy Birthday Judy, sounds like Darrell has it all under control for you to have a properly pampered birthday. Enjoy!