Friday, March 18, 2011

Enjoying The Day Together

Heavy fog this morning, hope it burns off early today as we’ll be getting underway real soon heading for Mobile to do the Historical House tour.  There are eight houses and two churches along the two mile walk on Government Street that we’ll be visiting.  I’m sure that we’ll (Randy, Terry, Judy, and I) partake in a meal somewhere along the walk.  All this means pictures tomorrow.

Yesterday we just “stood” to home and enjoyed each other’s company.  For some reason neither one of us had much energy so we barely got our chores done before placing our loungers outside, fixing a tall glass of iced tea, grabbing our Nooks (be careful here), and spending the rest of the day outside sipping and reading.  This weather has been nothing short of phenomenal; even Alex joined us outside for a while (Meow).

Randy and Terry joined us later around a little smudge pot fire in our fire pit (note to self: need to get some good fire wood); Terry had made a cheesy hash brown thingy for the main dish and Judy cooked up some veggies.  Dessert was Good Humor ice cream drumsticks -  Ooooo, Aaaah, Yummy!  Later we moved the party inside to continue our chit chat and laughter.  What fun we have together.

Judy and I rounded out the day by watching Bones on TV before hitting the hay.  Thus ends the first thirty eight years of marriage and kicks off year 39 – we’ll really celebrate in two years when we hit the big four-oh.  “It’s All Good!”

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - - -  

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