Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Almost A Mundane Monday

Monday continued to be overcast with on again / off again showers pretty much all morning so we ended up staying inside.  Thankfully, our muscles are beginning to loosen back up again after Saturday morning’s excursion to the Gorge floor (remember – 568 eight stairs?).

So, after coffee and computers, we used the morning to get caught up on some of our chores.  Yep, fulltime RVers have the same chores as folks who live in sticks and bricks.  We paid bills, did laundry, vacuumed and washed the floors, cleaned the bathroom, and sorted/filed paperwork along with our daily tasks of making the bed, washing the dishes, and picking up clutter around the house.

For some inside entertainment, Judy worked on one of her “basket weaving” projects, with Alex’s help, while Darrell worked on the next Travelogue for the Wandering America website.  (A note from Judy:  For all you new readers/followers of our website/blog, I don’t do basket weaving.  Darrell just refers to all my hobbies as well as all of the crafts at the Rainbow Plantation Clubhouse as basket weaving endeavors.  I was actually working on my quilting project and Alex isn’t a whole lot of help.)

I'm Helping Mama!!!

Around 1 o’clock the clouds lifted and the sun came out so we took an afternoon drive to Toccoa, Georgia to visit the waterfalls that are located on the campus of Toccoa Christian College.  At 186 feet tall the waterfall is 19 feet taller than the Niagara Falls, however, no where near as much water. 

This first photo is on the hike up to the Toccoa Falls.  We enjoy waterfalls and we would just love to build a nice little cottage along side of this type of stream.  How peaceful to just sit on your porch and listen to the water flowing over the rocks.

Our Future Building Site

Here is the main event – Toccoa Falls.  I hate to admit it but, this waterfall is more beautiful than those in Tallulah Gorge State Park.  It is probably due to the fact that we can get right up next it and feel the spray as the water comes tumbling down over the rocks.

  Approaching Toccoa Falls Getting Closer to the Falls

Wide Angle View

  Close Up From The Left Close Up From the Right

  At The Top At The Bottom

For dinner we decided to dig out the charcoal grill and grill up some chicken.  First we marinated it in a honey garlic marinade and then continued to baste it as it was being grilled.  Duke rustled up a batch of his special grilling beans which we served along with some fresh strawberries; whatta feast!  Yum, yum!!!

After dinner we spent the rest of the evening in our recliners. Judy did some crocheting while Darrell surfed the internet.  We watched a little RTV (Night Rider and Air Wolf) before calling it a day.   It turned out to be another nice day in the life.

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