Saturday, May 01, 2010

Hours To Minutes

The countdown has gone from months to weeks to days to hours.  Soon it will be down to minutes before Mary Elizabeth Patterson becomes Mrs. Joel Fortner.

Yesterday was a busy day – we had to go back to Murfreesboro to pick up my penguin suit.  Marc and Amie (and kids) had driven up to visit Matt and Jackie (and kids) so we stopped by there for about an hour before heading to Men’s Warehouse.  Once the penguin suit was acquired, we headed back to Normandy Lake where I took a nap before the rehearsal events began while Judy busied herself with various final preparations for herself and Brian.

We drove into the Jameson Inn to pick up Briana (junior bridesmaid) and Catia (flower girl) and then headed to the church for the rehearsal where everything went according to plan.  The reception was held at the Arnold Air Force Base Lakeside Clubhouse which is an excellent facility.  We were home by quarter after nine and in bed shortly thereafter.

Needless to say, today will be another busy day so I shall linger no longer.  Until later . . .

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