Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Graduate (but not with Dustin Hoffman this time)

Well, it’s a done deal.  We now have another “college graduwit” in the family.  Jackie was awarded her Bachelor’s of Science degree yesterday afternoon.  She had studied at Michigan Tech for her first two years worth of credits and finished off her studies at Bethel University who has campuses throughout the state of Tennessee.

The ProcessionalJackie in the MiddleKey Note Speaker - Mrs. Janet Ayers from the Ayers FoundationRecieving Her Degree

It was over a two and a half drive to get to Bethel University main campus in McKenzie, Tennessee which means about three and half hours to get back – we had to stop for dinner along the way.  We were at the college for almost three hours which meant over a nine hour day.  Jackie, who is supposed to be resting, did well but was very tired once we returned home – tired but satisfied, she had her degree!!  Congratulations Jackie!!! 

The Proud Graduate and Her Family

When we got back to their house, a bird decided to fly in the front door as we entered.  At first we thought it was a bat but, fortunately, it was just a bird.  Bam, the katt, was all excited as we opened the back door and the front door in an attempt to coax the darn thing out of the house – he had to be sent to his room since he was more of a nuisance than a help!  Eventually, the bird flew out the front door and peace was restored in the valley with just a little excitement to end the day.

Once Judy and I returned home, it was waaaay past our bed time so it was lights out and sweet dreams for us ending another day with one more family bucket list item for 2010 behind us.  Now, it’s onto Tallulah Gorge State Park to assume our roles in the visitor’s center.  So, if you’re rolling through Georgia in the next couple of months and down by the gorge, drop in (not in the gorge, silly, but at Tallulah Falls to say hi).

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