Monday, May 03, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

If you have seen the news you know that Nashville and the surrounding area has had record breaking rainfall over this past weekend.  It began raining early Saturday morning and kept it up until late last night.  We were far enough east of Nashville and only got two horrendous thunder storms – one when we departed from the wedding heading for the reception and another one last night between 10 and 12.

Things are really a mess in and around Nashville with lots and lots of road closures.  The Cumberland River has over run its banks and will crest sometime this afternoon.  Here in Normandy we did get enough rain to flood out a half dozen campsites that are next to the lake.  We’re parked on “high ground” and don’t have any worries.

The sun is rising this morning and it will be a hot/steamy kind of day with temps in the high 80’s with high humidity but, this too will pass.  We don’t have any formal plans but do need to take the Penguin suit back and clean up the house – “it looks like it was called for and couldn’t come!!” (that was one of my mother’s old sayings).

We have extended our stay here at Barton Springs Recreation Area until at least Tuesday before returning back to Cedars of Lebanon where we’ll be getting ready for Jackie’s graduation on Saturday.  The next big event in the Patterson family will be the birth of Radek James in July (grand son number two).

Just a neat tid-bit; my nephew Shawn, my brother’s son, also “got hitched” on Saturday in Boston.  Shawn and Mary, even though they didn’t get to attend each other’s weddings, have been keeping in touch with each other.  We received word from my brother this morning that everything went well.  Congrats to Shawn and Tomoko Patterson, may you enjoy a long and happy marriage.

There are a couple of sightseeing things that we want to do while we are in the Tullahoma area and we hope to get to them over the next couple of days.  So, tune in again tomorrow to see what we found to do. 

Oh yes, if you didn’t catch yesterday’s journal entry, since we didn’t publish until after 4:00 PM, continue to scroll down to see pictures from Joel and Mary’s wedding.

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