Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Wedding

Yesterday is now just a blur.  We got up early and began our running around in order to get everyone where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there.  We’re not even going to attempt to give you a full account of the day but we can tell you that everything went pretty much to plan.  The only issue was the down pour (and when I say down pour, I mean down pour) that took place right at the end of the wedding while everyone was attempting to get to the reception.  What a mess, to say the least (up in the Nashville area there was record floods that continued on right into today).

So, who says dear ol’ dad can’t wear shorts and sandals to a wedding?  Here I am already to go – hope my daughter doesn’t freak out!!

Dad's Ready, is everyone else?

Hopefully we’ll get some much nicer photos once the photographer finishes his work but here are some that we snapped along the way.  It took us a long time to set up the backdrop for this first picture (we just couldn’t find anymore “stuff” to throw in there).

Mary in Her Wedding Dress with Flower Girl CatiaThe ceremony was mixed with the traditional and the non-traditional.  Joel and Mary wrote their own vows which they recited during the ring exchange ceremony.

"You May Kiss the Bride"   "May I Introduce You to Mr. and Mrs. Joel Fortner" The preacher is a personal friend of Mary and Joel’s and, also, a full time policeman in Nashville so he ensured that they were properly hitched.

Officially HitchedThe “Photo Thing” took place right after the wedding – here is a family photo that Joel’s Dad (Greg) snapped for us.  It is hard when working with kids so Kalina and Lola are not visible – but they’re in there, somewhere!!

Family Photo at the ChurchAfter about a six or seven mile trip to the George Dickel Distillery (the reception site) the festivities began with a great meal along with a few drinks of beer and/or wine.  Here are a few photos from the evening (place your cursor over the picture for further information).

First Dance - Mr. and Mrs. Joel Fortner

             First DanceFather / Daughter Dance

             Grandma and Kalina DancingGrandpa and Briana Dancing

Aunt Mary Dancing with Flower Girl Catia

               Greg and Dawne (Joel's Parents) Dancing with Catia The Toast

Well, we’re proud parents to say the least and extremely happy with our new son-in-law and his family.  We look forward to many happy times together in the future.

This morning was extremely busy as well.  First of all, we had Matt, Jackie, Catia, and Kalina stay over at our “house” last night as it is an hour drive for them.  We didn’t ask the Katt’s for their permission and they weren’t “over joyed” with our decision.  Secondly, we arose at oh-dark-thirty this morning to get back over to the hotel to see everyone off.  Brian is riding with guests from Grand Rapids (who attended the wedding) and Marc, Amie, Briana, Lola, and Rocco wanted to hit the road early heading east to “beat the storm”.  We returned home around eight and spent the rest of the morning with the Murfreesboro brood before they hit the road (to drive right into the storm).

Once they left, it was nap time for Grandpa – these late nights and early mornings along with wrestling with five grand kids can make a soul tired.  This afternoon we began going through all the pictures to select a few for this blog entry.  Hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you.  In the meantime, we hope you keep dry and have a great day!!!


  1. Great pictures and looks like everyone had a great time. Too bad you chickened out and wore "long" pants to the wedding. I have printed and posted you "shorts" picture at the Rainbow Plantation clubhouse for all your friends to see.

  2. Whew - What a day. Congratulations to all!!