Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Day of Changed Plans

Yesterday was a “carved in putty” day in that what was planned wasn’t what happened.  When I say planned, it’s not like we have a detailed agenda or anything like that but, we did have an outing planned.  We actually went on our outing, however, I forgot to change batteries in the camera so when we arrived and began taking pictures the “Lo Bat” indicator appeared.  So, we decided to return home and start packing up for our move to Cedars of Lebanon.

Beechcraft Heritage Museum, Tullahoma, TennesseeWe went to the Beechcraft Heritage Museum which is located at the  Tullahoma airport.  Beechcraft Aircraft was founded in 1932 by Walter and Olive Beech in Wichita, Kansas and has remained as one of the premier civilian aircraft manufacturer since.

While we were at the museum, and talking with the manager, we learned that they have an annual fly-in each year in October.  Twenty-ten’s is scheduled for October 13 through the 17th; therefore, being that we will be back in the area around that time, we will return then to see all of the old aircraft up close and personal.  Should we miss that event, we will definitely return to tour the museum at a future date.  The photograph below is of Beech’s first production model in 1932.

Model 17 Staggerwing

We were going to return back to Lebanon on Wednesday but, being that Jackie has been having some problems with her pregnancy and has been ordered to bed rest by her doctor, we returned a day early to help out with some of the domestic chores.  Also, Matthew is being asked to work overtime to help clear the increased workload due to the flooding which means that they can use a little help on the home front.

So, here we are, all set up in a nice site here at Cedars of Lebanon State Park for the next few days.  Today will be our bi-monthly visit to Wally World to ensure that I don’t starve to death (I’m wasting away to nothing ;-)).  Then we’ll go over to Matt and Jackie’s for some domestic engineering so “that’s it for today”.

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