Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hanging Out Around The Campsite

Yesterday was another gorgeous day with the temperatures in the high eighties.  Other than a quick trip to JoAnn Fabrics in Mount Juliet to pick up a few basket weaving supplies, we spent our time lounging, reading, and I even took a little katt nap outside in the lounger.  We need more days like this of just sitting and soaking up the sunshine.

Last night the kids and grand kids showed up to burn some hot dawgs and marshmallows.  There’s nothing like a cookout on a nice warm Friday’s summer night.  We had purchased a cheap charcoal kettle grill at Wally World ($15) and some charcoal.  You can say what you must about gas grills, electric grills, and so forth but, nothing beats a good old fashion (ooh, a good old fashion) charcoal fire for outdoor cooking.  Of course, you can burn hot dawgs on just about anything and they’ll still taste pretty much the same.

It was a fun evening of just sitting outside with the family while watching Catia set fire to few dozen marshmallows.  Kalina was from one lap to another with her teddy bear, blanket, and sippy cup in hand.  After the kids and their stuff (kids come with lots of stuff) was rounded up, shoved back into the car, and headed down the street, Judy and I sat by the fire sipping a couple of nice tall cold margaritas.  Fresh air, grand kids, and margaritas; we slept as soundly as a couple of ragdoll katts.

Today is graduation day and with that we’ll bid you adieu for now.  See ya tomorrow!!!

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