Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Farmer In The Dell

Yesterday we drove over to Harbor Springs to the Farmer’s Market which is held right downtown.  Harbor Springs is just around the bay from Petoskey and is the town where we lived and w*rked at the turn of the century.  That sounds funny, to think that we lived at the turn of the century.  When we were kids and heard that phase it meant a long, long time ago.  Anyway here are some pictures taken around Harbor Springs.    






After walking the streets for a bit, we stopped by our old “watering hole” – Out To Lunch for breakfast.  Rosie’s Big Breakfast was still on the menu so we just had to have that for nostalgia’s sake.  It was as good as ever.

Then we did a drive through the Wequetonsing area.  Wequetonsing is an old subdivision of summer residences in Harbor Springs where the rich and famous hang out.  Most of the homes that you see in the next couple of pictures are not winterized.



This is a picture looking from Wequetonsing back to Harbor Springs.


And this is a “zoomed in” picture from Wequetonsing looking across the bay to our campground in Petoskey.  The campground is right on the waterfront and you can see a couple of RVs almost in the middle of the picture.


As you can tell from our stories and pictures from around Bay Harbor, Petoskey, Bay View, Harbor Springs, and Hearthside Grove, this area is just saturated with “big money”.  And, this is not the end of the “money trail”.  There’s still more “high dollar rent districts” left to explore along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

Hope the sun is shinning where you live.  May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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