Friday, June 08, 2012

Life At Sunset Park

We’re here!!  Now there’s a statement for you.  You can make that statement wherever you are because no matter where you are, you’re “here”.  Try it yourself, say “I’m here” and look around.  Sure enough, you’re right “here”! 

Anywhoo, We’re here!!  It was an uneventful trip from Mecosta to Petoskey; a little under three hours.  However, for some reason, it seemed like an awfully long three hours.  It didn’t take us any time at all to back in and get set up in our new digs for the rest of June.  Here are a couple of pictures from our site.


After getting all set up, we visited Judy’s brother, John, and his wife, Della.  They had invited us for a “travel day” dinner (and they don’t even know of that tradition).  They served us venison burgers, potato salad, and baked beans.  It was good to see them again and we look forward to having a lot of good times with them and their family this summer.

Petoskey is known for it’s sunsets; hence, the name of one of their parks which is along US 31 – Sunset Park.  The sun sat at 9:28 last night which makes it light outside until almost 10:00.  Here’s a picture of the sun setting taken from right out our dining room window.


So I took my bride’s hand and we wandered on down to the beach so we could watch the Sun get Mother Earth ready for bed.  She certainly has one beautiful pair of pajamas in which to adorn herself with, that’s for sure.


Wow!!!!  That’s better than fireworks.  So, It’s Nighty Nite and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -

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