Thursday, June 07, 2012

On The Move Again

Spring time in northern Michigan means one thing; lots of fresh fruits and veggies are on the way.  Already some strawberries, rhubarb, and asparagus are showing up at the roadside stands.  Judy and I bought two and a quarter pounds of asparagus yesterday and had some (steamed) with our grilled steak and baked potatoes for dinner last evening.  Ooooo, it was sooooo gooooood!!!!

Today is moving day.  We will relocate to our summer home, Petoskey, Michigan, where we will once again enter the w*rkforce.  Boooo, hisssss!!!  But, we’ve managed to procure ourselves a nice little niche in a beautiful area of the country where we’ll have a “camp site” right on the beaches of Little Traverse Bay.  I mean, we can walk out our door, take a few steps, and plop our big toe right smack dab into Lake Michigan.  Ya just can’t beat that.

So, anyway, we’ll move north, set up housekeeping, do some grocery shopping, and spend the weekend relaxing and doing what millions of other poor stiffs do – getting ready to go to w*rk on Monday morning.  Yep, it’s a rough life.  What?  You don’t feel sorry for us?  Well, I guess you shouldn’t. 

We’ve been able to spend the last six years traveling around the country spending time with our grand children, visiting our relatives, and playing with our friends.  To go to w*rk at this point is an option, not a necessity.  We just want to pad our nest egg a little bit. 

What’s more?  We’re young enough, and healthy enough, to do just that and do it where we want, when we want.  Spending the summer w*rking in a luxury RV Resort is certainly not going to be much of a hardship; other than giving up forty hours a week, that is.  So, I guess we can’t complain but, boooo hisssss anyway.

Well, it’s away we go.  See ya tomorrow from Petoskey.  In the meantime, here are a couple of real “Party Animals”.


May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -


  1. Praying for a safe, uneventful travel day. Enjoy your last few days of "freedom." :)

  2. Do be sure to visit the Kilwins chocolate store downtown or take a tour of their kitchen. They have the best chocolates. I'm glad that their Ann Arbor store has street parking which means I can't always find a place to park. Better for my waist line!