Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Water, Water Everywhere . . .

Except in the sink.  We had a “severe” thunderstorm pass through which lasted for a couple of hours.  It dumped a lot of water right dab on top of us.  Remember that I mentioned, a week or so ago, that the shroud on our front air conditioner had disintegrated on the starboard side?  Well, the angle of the rain was just right to get water inside the unit which in turn dripped down onto our bed.  So, when we got home from w*rk last night we had another little chore awaiting us. 

We removed the inside trim and I was able to get a wash cloth up inside the unit just enough to sop up most of the water still dripping from the unit.  This morning I will crawl up onto the RV and duct tape the opening in the shroud (you know, close the barn door now that the horse is gone).  That should hold until the new shroud arrives (ninety-nine bucks from Amazon.com).  Oh yes, we have to reassemble the the trim pieces on the inside of the coach as well.

While I’m shopping at Amazon, I might just as well order a new pump.  By adding a second solid carbon water filter to the system we don’t get enough water flow from our “city water” connection so we’ve been filling the water tank and using the pump to augment flow rate.  Our pump is six years old, has seen a lot of use, and it is beginning to weaken.  We currently have a Shurflo Classic water pump with a 2.8 gallon per minute flow rate and a 45 PSI.  The new pump will be a Shurflo Revolution with a 3.0 GPM and a 55 PSI.  Hopefully that will give the water flow rate that we are looking for (What say you, Don?)

Well, that and w*rk pretty much sums up this day in the life.  See ya later alligator.

May God Bless  - - - - - - - -