Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Work A Little, Lounge A Little

That pretty much sums up our day.  We are “in training” this week.  Everyone knows how to do everything so that there is overlap and backup in case someone can’t make it to w*rk.  This isn’t difficult and, for the most part, requires just plain common sense.  The members are pampered – pampered beyond belief, but that’s what they’re paying the “big money” for.  So most of our training is where things are so we can pamper the members and pamper them quickly.

Yesterday Judy w*rked at the front desk in the Welcome Center while I learned the daily routine for the grounds.  The resort uses the KOA’s reservation system, which Judy is familiar with and I’ll need to learn also, and there is a daily routine for things like pool / hot tub care, trash pick up, newspaper delivery, and scrapping bubble gum off the bottom of the chairs.Smile (just being sarcastic with that one, folks)  However, things are to be “prim and proper” throughout the grounds and facilities.

We ensure that the refrigerators are stocked with plenty of cold drinks, that there are plenty of towels in the exercise and pool rooms, that the clubhouse is picked up (cleaning is outsourced) and orderly, that the grounds are litter free, etc.. 

Mainly our J-O-Bs is to keep the member lot owners happy.  We are encouraged to interface with them, get to know them, and become familiar with their likes and dislikes.  Yep, we are servants which is not altogether a bad thing as we are called to be servants by our Lord and Savoir – we would do well to learn how to pamper Him.

We’ll get some pictures around the resort showing how the “rich and famous” are forced to live.  They are truly “roughing it smoothly”. 

Be Sure To Serve God and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -

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