Monday, June 11, 2012

A Stroll And Some Pictures

We got some ‘splaining to do.  Petoskey, Michigan sets on the southeastern end of Little Traverse Bay.  It’s location allows for more shore frontage than a city would normally have, therefore, one park sort of, kind of runs into another.  For instance, we made reference to “Life At Sunset Park” a few days ago.  Well, Sunset Park begins just north of downtown and connects to Bayfront Park which is right downtown with Magnus Park being just a stones throw from Bayfront Park (It’s a one mile walk into town from Magnus Park).

To add to the confusion, there are a couple of small shore front communities which are really part of; that being, Bay View and Bay Harbor.  Bay View is an old Methodist Retreat center which is now made up of private summer homes.  Bay Harbor is a new community (within the last 10 years) which is made up of “upscale” homes with it’s own business district (when we say “upscale” we mean “upscale” – very few, if any, of our friends could afford to live there).

As our time here in Petoskey unfolds, we’ll post pictures of the area.  Today here are a few pictures taken from Bayfront Park which is right at the foot of Mitchell Street, the main thoroughfare that runs through the center of town.

When we arrived at the park on Saturday morning, they had a band playing mainly oldies ranging from country to rock and roll.  It was neat to stroll along hand in hand listening to the music in the background.


This picture is from the walking bridge crossing the Bear River with the Marina in the background.


Here is Petoskey’s answer to the Tower of Big Ben.  If you look closely you can see the marina light between the clock tower legs.


And this is the walkway leading to downtown Petoskey.  There’s a tunnel under US 31 so you don’t have to dodge the traffic.


Be patient, there are more pictures to come of downtown, Sunset Park, Magnus Park, Bay View, and Bay Harbor.  We’ll, also, get out and about and get some pictures from Harbor Springs as well as some of the other local towns around the area.

Yesterday we worshipped at Stutsmanville Chapel where we used to attend when we lived in Harbor Springs back in the late nineties and early two thousands.  It was nice to see so many of our old friends, some old and some not so old, from that period in our lives which, also, included people from our working lives too.

The temps were in the early 80’s when we arrived home so we took a nice long walk along the bike trails – up along the old bike trail and back by way of the new bike trail.  The new trail is far and away better than the old one, that’s for sure.

Once we returned home, we were tuckered out so we ended up hitting the hay before it was even dark outside – keep in mind that it doesn’t get dark until after 10 o’clock with the sun setting at close to 9:30.

Today is our first day on the J-O-B.  It’ll be a short day because they, who ever they are, don’t want to wear us old folks out too quickly.  Actually this will be a short week with mostly on the job training.  It’s not too difficult but they do have their procedures that we’ll need to learn.  Maybe we’ll get to drive the Mercedes around for awhile – wouldn’t that be a hoot???

Take Care and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -


  1. what a great looking place....good luck today at wo*k...and driving the Mercedes would definitely be a hoot be sure to take pics if you get to drive it...!!

  2. Darrell, if you could, please post a picture of a petosky stone...I never did get to that area while in Michigan last summer and I'd love to see one!