Friday, June 15, 2012

The Squirrels Have Gone Nuts

Hi Y’all.  Alex here.  Beware of the Ides of June ‘cause we have tons of squirrels running loose around here and it could get dangerous.  Katie and I have been on guard duty for days.  There are grey squirrels and black squirrels; we haven’t seen any red squirrels though.  Them darned things go running all around the house, under the house, and over the house.  Yep, you got it – they run on the roof and on the awnings. 

One black squirrel even came up to Mom and Dad and begged for food.  It came right up onto the little table on Dad’s chair.   They tried to shooo it away, but it wouldn’t go far.  Dad told Mom to get the camera but, by the time she came back with it, he’d finally taken off and didn’t come back.  I guess he thought he’d see his picture on the Post Office wall, or something.

If only Dad would let us outside.  Katie and I would “round ‘em up and head ‘em out” in short order.  Darned pests!!!  If they start messing with the truck then maybe Dad will sic us on them.  I want to get out and get at them in the worst way.

Here’s Katie on guard duty.


And here I am being woken from my nap by those dang critters.


Another thing that we’ve got is loud seagulls.  They squawk real loudly while walking on the street out front of the house.  Come on, Dad.  You gotta let us out.  This town just ain’t big enough for us katts and them thar critters.  All you readers can help Katie and I by writing to tell Dad and Mom to turn us loose, then we’ll clean up this town.  Barney Fife couldn’t hold a candle to us katts when it comes to law enforcement of the critters.


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