Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Day Of “West And Wewaxation”

Today is our Saturday and we were thinking about having coffee on the veranda, however, it is only 57* out thar so I guess the recliner will have to do.  Below is a picture made from our dining room window at ten fifteen last night.  I wish it had come out a little sharper as it was another gorgeous sunset here at Magnus Park.  I hope you realize that my comments about Magnus Park Campground in yesterday’s blog were facetious.  This is a beautiful little spot in this great country of ours.


So, what to do today?  Judy has a couple of errands she wants to get accomplished and I want to finalize the repairs on the steps.  Then we’ll visit John and Della for awhile at their home and, if there’s time, we hope to sit on the beach with our readers and do some reading.  One of these days we need to plan a trip to Mackinaw City and stop by to say, “Hi” to Jeff and Marsha – a couple that we met while w*rking at who are currently workamping at Mill Creek Campground near Mackinaw City.  Anyhow, I guess a few chores, a visit, and a lot of “west and wewaxation” is the order of the day.

Did you realize that katts get stressed out over schedule changes?  Alex especially gets upset whenever we are gone for long periods of time day after day.  He and Katie don’t mind the occasional day trip as long as we’re around the house for a few days before and after, but being gone for six to seven to eight hours a day for multiple days in a row stresses them.  They are Ragdoll katts and Ragdoll katts are not made to be latch key katts.  They need lots of attention so they are in total agreement that this w*rking for a living has got to go!!!

Speaking of the little stinkers, we bought a laser light during our last trip to Walmart.  They go “nuts” chasing that thing around the house and it’s a toy that we can manipulate right from our recliners; the lazy man’s way of playing with his katt.  But they have fun and we get a few chuckles here and there watching their antics as they chase that thing all over the house.  Can you imagine if God had a laser light for us to chase; oh wait a minute, I think he does.  It’s called money!!  I bet He gets a lot of chuckles out of watching people do dumb things while chasing it all over the place.

Well, “On with the show, this is it!!!”  May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -

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