Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Little Dawgs, I Don’t Know!!!

We do it all when it comes to keeping the Hearthside Grove guests happy.  We have two couples who are traveling together in their Liberty Coaches.  Liberty is one of the companies that converts Prevost buses into luxury motor coaches that sells for over two million dollars a piece.  These two couples are in their fifties and are “on vacation” which means that their bowsers are accompanying them on the trip. 

It seems that the couples wanted to go to Mackinac Island, however, their beloved pooches had to stay behind.  What to do, what to do?  You just can’t leave your designer pups cooped up in a multimillion dollar vacation palace all day sitting around with their legs crossed waiting to go potty.  The solution?  Why a dawg walker, of course.  And yours truly ended up with the task.

Well Zoe, a little Yorkie not much bigger than a pound of hot dawgs, was more nervous than a long tailed Tom katt in a room full of rocking chairs as I entered her palatial abode.  There was no barking or growling, just a lot of scurrying and hiding going on.  Then she took off running right up over the back of a Euro-lounger and leaping, in a single bound, right onto the kitchen counter.  I approached slowly and offered my hand for her to sniff.  This did nothing to calm her down; right there in front of God, me, and the coffee maker she began piddling on that quarter of a million dollar counter top.

That now left me with a mess to clean up and a dawg to catch.  Fortunately the paper towels were handy and, from the counter, she had made a beeline to her dawgie kennel (which is where she should have been in the first place).  Finally, I reached in and scooped the little stinker up.  Her little heart was beating so fast that I was afraid she might have a heart attack, but she calmed down once her leash was properly attached to her diamond studded collar and her four paws hit the terra firma.

After her little “romp in the woods” and returning to the “campsite”, I sat down in one of the bistro chairs on the patio and she hopped right up onto my lap for some loving.  Cute little thing, she looked like a little dust mop with legs.  I left her parents a note suggesting that they wipe down their marble kitchen counter top with Clorox wipes – I wasn’t about to tear apart Zoe’s domain looking for the wipes.  In any event, mission accomplished – I can now add Dawg Walker to my resume.

Thank God for katts.  May God Bless  - - - - - - - -


  1. Well bless your heart...when we tour around our two little ones are in their crates with the a/c running and some music for company...we make sure they are tired out fully before leaving..fed watered and have done their business...we never stay out any longer than we think their bladders will hold...wish we had had someone like you around this winter..good job on adding to the resume :)

  2. Did Alex and Katie even speak to you when you got home????
    Darrell, you are just a very talented man!! :-)

  3. The campground we left in Montana did not offer dog watching anymore. One of their dog walkers lost a finger last year to a dog they were trying to take out. Be careful, I always think that when someone says "he won't bite" they only know for sure that he won't bite them.

  4. Dog Whisperer sounds more like ti. You turned a terrified little dawg into a calm dust mop with legs.