Monday, July 09, 2012

Fitting Into The Neighborhood

So, what is it like attending the ACC (Arm Chair Church)?  He’s a couple of pictures to help you relate.  The first one is the “Worship Team” leading the song service and the second is Pastor Mike doing the welcoming.  Pastor Mike preached this past Sunday as Pastor Russ is on vacation.  Church on the Eastern Shores currently has six pastors with a search committee seeking a new Senior Pastor.

DSCF6907 DSCF6910

Yesterday we w*rked the late shift; it was pretty much a slow day.  We did have five arrivals yesterday with two already there before we began our shift.  Judy w*rked the Welcome Center and I w*rked the Gate – boy, is my index finger tired this morning after pushing that button to open the gate.  We got back home at about 9:25 and stayed up until almost eleven. 

The RV looks like ten pounds of “stuff” shoved into a five pound bag on this site.  The neighbors stood in awe as we backed this thing in.  There is a stand of trees right where we needed “swing” room for the truck.  Also, we had to back the rig between the power post and a telephone post which made for a little jockey-ing in order to fit this monster into this site.  One of the neighbors said, “I didn’t think you’d be able to get that big fifthwheel into that site.” We managed, so I guess we’re fitting into the neighborhood – just barely but we’re fitting in.  The only place left to park the truck is right outside the door which means we won’t be able to put out the awning. 

We could have stayed on the site we had, which was nicer, but my bride wanted a full hook up so that she could have nice long showers and do the laundry.  She hates Laundromats more than I do and I have no love for them whatsoever.  So now we have sewer, but no television.  Trade offs, trade offs.  Two more moves – next Monday we move back to the site we just left and then Sunday we move to the front row where we’ll stay (and have it all, sewer and television – which Norm says can be pretty much the same).

Today is another w*rk day so we don’t really have anything much to report.  The weather has continued to be “vewy, vewy” nice.  The natives have whined about the heat, but we think it is just perfect.  At least we haven’t been experiencing anything close to the triple digits that the southern part of the state has endured.  So, if you’re in the area, stop by for a chat and bring some wine with you.

In the meantime, May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace. (1 Cor. 1:3)


  1. I'd take a washer over a TV any day! (haven't had a TV in over 35 years, so I guess I can easily say that). You should post a picture of your sardine can fit ;-)