Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It’s not raining and It’s not pouring, but the old man is still snoring.  Hi, Katie here.  Whassup?  Yeah, that’s the question.  Not much new on this end.  Just another day at w*rk for Dad and Mom.  How ‘bout you?  What did you do yesterday?  Hopefully something more interesting than Dad and Mom.

While watching the morning news, apparently there is nothing much is happening in the world either since all they can seem to report on is Tom Cruise and his divorce.  Really?  Who cares.  It’s pretty much as Uncle Norm says, “TV or sewer, sewer or TV?  Sometimes I think they are one in the same.”  Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

As you can tell, Dad and Mom moved us back into a site with TV, but no sewer.  That happened Monday.  This Sunday they’ll move us into a site that has it all – Electric, Water, Sewer, and Television reception.  We’re moving on up.

While Dad and Mom were at w*rk, Alex and I ate lunch, took a nap, played with our toys, took a nap, chased each other throughout the house, took a nap, ate dinner, took a nap, had our snack, and took a nap.  Dad and Mom were even later than usual getting home last night because they headed for the hot tub after w*rk.  When they got home, Dad said he felt like a limp dishrag – he even sort of, kind of looked like one.

They stayed up for awhile playing on their ‘puters and then headed for bed.  Alex and I joined them on the bed – we were pretty worn out from taking so many naps.  Anyway, that’s why I’m writing this morning while the “old man is still snoring”.  Dad and Mom have to w*rk again today then they’ll get a couple of days off. 

On Monday those little brat grandkids of theirs will show up which means that Alex and I will have to retreat to the bedroom and lay low.  We just don’t see what Dad and Mom see in those little imps.  After all, aren’t two adorable ragdoll katts enough?  Oh well, we’ll deal with it if that’s what makes them happy.  It isn’t always easy raising grown ups.

Hopefully dad will be back with you tomorrow morning.  Until then, “Y’all have a good day, ya ‘ear?”


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  1. cute blog....very cute two get some rest....sounds like your working too hard..