Thursday, July 05, 2012

Too Much Clebratin’

What can I say?  Late entry today.  “Me and the Missus” have “stood” up waaaaay past eleven o’clock for the past three nights and we didn’t roll outta the sack until after eight this morning.  Yawn!!  Scratch!!  Grunt and Growl!!  Yep, we’re awake.

Okay then.  Tuesday night, after we got home from work, we waddled to the waterfront in our own backyard and watched the fireworks from Bay Harbor.  Last night we watched the fireworks from both Harbor Springs and Petoskey from the same waterfront.  Here’s a picture of our vantage point and, also, people setting up at Bayfront Park.

DSCF6840  DSCF6837

To rate the three performances it would have to be:  1) Bay Harbor, 2) Harbor Springs, and 3) Petoskey, however, all three were a decent display of pyrotechnics.  (We didn’t make pictures of the Bay Harbor display)

DSCF6856  DSCF6882DSCF6892  DSCF6894

Last evening we walked into Bayfront Park to watch, and listen to, the concert in the park.  There was a parade at six o’clock, but I’ve been having problems with my right rear leg (my right hip) and can’t stand for very long before a burning sensation, numbness, and pain come rolling in so we just attended the concert where we could sit on the grass to absorb the musical sensations.

DSCF6829  DSCF6833

Of course we ate the all American Fourth of July meal, hot dawgs on real live toasted hot dawg rolls (not buns), Duke’s baked beans, and potato chips.  Then we enjoyed a Cadbury chocolate on chocolate ice cream bar.  The wife calls it “junk food” while I call it darned good eating.  It helps stave off this anorexia thing I’ve been dealing with.  Oh, and speaking of dawgs, here’s Maxx.  He’s our neighbor’s rescue golden retriever; what a sweet gentle dawg.  I’m getting my dawg fix.


Well, what did all y’all do for the Fourth?  I hope you enjoyed the day and thanked God for the freedoms that this day of remembrance represents.

Rejoice In The Lord and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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  1. We were doing that w*rk thing you talk about..had a nice day in the campground. No fireworks in Colorado, its too dry. We did get some rain yesterday, and everyone doing the happy rain dance, even if it did rain on our rubber ducky race. Tonight is our red white and blue potluck. Love the golden, but as you know we are partial to them. Happy Fourth!