Saturday, July 28, 2012

So, What Just Happened, Anyway?

That was my response as my spouse shook the daylights into me in the wee hours of this very morning.  Why are I up?  Mr. Sunshine hasn’t even made an appearance yet.  The good news is that spousey had been up for awhile and the morning brew was ready for sampling.  That always brings about consciousness.  Finally, I are awake.

It’s been chilly here in Petoskey, Michigan in the morning.  Yesterday morning, after scurrying around the house, to get ready for w*rk, we jumped into the truck and hit the ignition to only hear “wrrrrh” and nothing else.  Fortunately Mikee was up so I made a beeline to his house to get his battery pack, but that didn’t have enough “umph’ to get the truck started either.

So thar we sit, all dressed up and no place to go.  Well, we had a place to go, but no way to get there.  We won’t go into all the details, but after w*rk we were able to get the truck jump started and off to NAPA.  A load test on the batteries indicated that they needed replacement.  One battery was pretty well shot while the other one was about half gone.  As with most problems, all it took was a little bit of money to fix it.  Three hundred bucks later and the problem is gone.  Voila, just like Houdini.

The kids and munchkins joined G’Pa and G’Ma for dinner and a quiet (or not so quiet) evening.  We had chicken, carrots, and baked beans and then farted around the house for awhile.  After they all left, Miss Judy and I watched the remaining two episodes of West Wing.  It has only taken us seven months to get through all seven years of the series.  Now we’ll put it away for awhile and watch the series again next year. 

Today will be the last day that Matt, Jackie, and little faces will be in town.  So we’ve planned a final outing at John and Della’s house after w*rk.  Then it will be back to normal, whatever normal is.  That isn’t to say that we are claiming to be like normal people; we’re just saying normal for us which maybe quite abnormal for everyone else.  We don’t know.  So, what just happened, anyway?

While You’re At It, Have a Piece Of Cake For Us and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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