Saturday, July 14, 2012

It’s My Birthday And I Can Cry If I Want To

This is a momentous occasion.  It’s not everyday that one turns sixty five.  Wow, the big sixty five!!!  Now I qualify for all the senior discounts.  I no longer have to ask, “What age do you consider as senior?”  ‘cause no matter what age “it” is, I are “it”!!!  I’m now at the age where I’ve finally got “it” all together – now if I can just remember where I put “it”.  Finally I am eligible for Medicare, of course it doesn’t cover any medical issues I have, but I’m eligible none the less.  Yep, I’m officially old age, so it’s Happy Birthday to me.

Well, it’s all over the news.  Romney is looking at Condi Rice as his possible running mate.  It should be the other way around, in my opinion, but Rice would be an excellent choice.  Somehow, some way, we have to replace that Commander in Thief who currently holds the job.  I’ve not seen such incompetence since Jimmy Carter.  Speak of tax and spend – this guy spends and then taxes. 

Affordable Healthcare Act?  What a joke, since that thing pasted, without our illustrious representatives even reading it, our health care cost have risen significantly.  Now, in a few more years, health insurance costs may decrease a little, but the taxes to pay for it will sky rocket.  Where’s Ronald Reagan when you need him?  To heck with Ronald Reagan, where’s common sense when need it.

Okay, I don’t generally get political, but it’s my birthday and I’m now a senior citizen so I have a right to whine about these young whipper snappers who are running (or ruining) things in Washington, D.C..  I still think the best thing they could do is close the place down and sell it to Disney.  It’s definitely an Adventure Land built on Fantasies.  This commentary is paid for by Wandering America and I approve of this message.

So just what, besides complain about the Gummint, am I going to do for my birthday?  Well, to start with I am going to cook breakfast for around 150 hungry campers, if you call living in a 2 million dollar motorcoach along side a pond with a bungalow, outside kitchen, and patio with a gas fireplace camping.  Anyone up for ‘Smores?  I think not.  This crowd is looking for fine wine and caviar.  And most of them, like me, are senior citizens – they just have a few more nickels and dimes than I do (don’t let Obama find out).

After breakfast, I get to stand in the gate house and salute and/or wave the people in.  Yep, brings back memories of my Coast Guard days when I had to stand duty at the front gate.  I even wear a white shirt to boot – almost Navy whites. 

My bride is taking me out to dinner this afternoon, once we leave w*rk.  My choice is La Senorita, do you almost see the word senior in their somewhere?  They do a pretty darned good job preparing Mexican dinners, not quite as good as the Original on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, but good none the less.

Then it will be “Home again, Home again” where we’ll just take the rest of the day for some R and R (west and wewaxation).  Now it’s onto to year number sixty six where we get to celebrate another milestone come March – 40 years of marital bliss (at least for me anyhow).  I’m not so sure that my bride got the “blissed” side of this deal, but I certainly did.

May God Bless  - - - - - - - -


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! ; )
    Hope you have many, many more!!!

  2. Happy Birthday. At breakfast put a sign up saying it is your 65th BD and place a tip jar beside it.

  3. Mike and Sheila
    Happy Birthday!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Hope you have a great day! Have fun with the 1% this morning and then have lots more fun at dinner with Judy!! :-)

  5. Happy birthday and many many more....Rick turned 65 in June...aww the good life-enjoy your day

  6. I am sure glad some else turned older than dirt. You gotta be careful now. The Surgeon General has determined that continuous birthday celebrating is a leading cause of aging.

  7. Today you are the youngest you will be for the rest of your life; glad to see you're still acting young! (And your assessment of our current leadership is spot on.)

  8. Happy birthday and enjoy your (senior) dinner!