Sunday, June 12, 2011

Are You Goin' To Topsham Fair?

So, what did my bride and I find to do on our first day of our fourth retirement?  Well, we slept in until 6:00, and then we got up and played on our ‘puters while sipping coffee, and then we went shopping to pick up a few grocery items, and then we came home to sit and read while sipping more tea/coffee, and then we made some chili, and then we played on our ‘puters some more, and then we watched a little TV, and then we read some more, and then we - - - well, you get the picture by now.  That’s basically how our day continued on, just taking it slow and easy.  But we did get quite a bit accomplished.

Being that it was a cool, overcast, and, eventually, a rainy afternoon, it just made sense to come home from our quick shopping spree and hunker down inside. We even turned the fireplace on for awhile to take the chill off. Speaking of chill, it just seemed like a “chili kinda day” so that’s “how come” we cooked up a batch and it was yummy.

I did manage to wash the pine dust off the truck, boy was that thing ever dirty.  It still needs “de-pitching” as I found a lot of pine pitch on the top, on the sides, on the windows, but none underneath, imagine that!  Note to self, no more parking under them darned pine trees.

Frozen Margaritas are fun to make and more fun to drink, but the problem is that we never have any ice on hand.  Well, that problem will soon be behind us thanks to  After a few strokes of my fingers on the key board, a NewAir 100S Ice Maker is making its way east.  That baby will start producing ice cubes, either small, medium, or large, within six minutes and make up to 28 pounds of ice within a twenty four hour period (that’ll be enough ice to make a Margarita or two).  Just goes to show you that if you throw enough money at a problem, it will eventually go away.

Oh yes, Mike and Peggy stopped by for a visit. While they were here, I had Mike download the updated firmware needed by our Cradlepoint router to accept the new Verizon 4G air card that we’ll be picking up this coming week. Then it will be “hang onto your hat” whenever we’re online in a 4G coverage area. The computer will go so fast that the “page” will appear before we even think about searching for it.

“Are we goin’ to Topsham Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.”  Nope!!  The fair is not held until August long after we’ll be gone from here, but we are staying at the fairgrounds.  I guess we’ll be the only ones here until Mike brings Winne over tomorrow for Randy and Terry.  That makes it nice and quiet for us in the meantime.

Here are some pictures of our site here at the Topsham Fairgrounds. 

All set up, safe and secure.


Here’s looking to the left (Driver’s Side) -


And here’s looking to the right (Patio Side).


Katie and Alex like our new campsite.  There are enough trees behind us to make it feel a little secluded, but open enough around us for them to have a nice view of things.  But, their favorite campsite is still in Mecosta, Michigan at Ray and Pat’s - they really “thrive” whenever we’re there.  We park under the hardwoods and have an open field for their viewing pleasure.

Judy and I like the fairgrounds, also, because we can get lots of sunlight (if the sun will come out and stay out).  It was a tad bit too dark for us in our site at Wild Duck where we were surrounded with pine trees – we’d only get a couple hours of sunlight each day (if the sun would have come out and stayed out).  But, we have to be honest – outside of Rainbow Plantation, Ray and Pat’s site is our favorite site as well. 

One more sleep, Terry.  Being that you’re not bringing the fifthwheel with you, be sure to hook up some of that warmer, sunny weather and drag it up here with y’all - Maine needs it!!!

Take Care Until Next Time, Everyone - - - - - -

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