Thursday, June 23, 2011

Threading The Needle

We’re tucked snuggly into Mike and Shauna’s driveway.  It’s like stringing thread through a needle with all the trees on both sides of the driveway, but we were able to slip in without incident.  We have one rule when backing this monster up – Go Slow!!



While we were having breakfast at the Kopper Kettle with Mike and Peggy yesterday morning, the tire store called to let me know that our tires had arrived.  So, after licking our plates clean, Judy and I made our way over to get the new tires installed.  It took about 30 minutes to part with four hundred dollars and leave with the truck re-tired.

We were just about all packed up so with a little effort we were able to be on the road by quarter after eleven.  Not a bad morning’s work, packing up in preparation to hit the road, a nice breakfast with Mike and Peggy, and getting new tires installed. 

‘Twas about one o’clock when we arrived at the end of our eighty mile trek.  Mike was ready for his new tenants so we backed right in and set up home sweet home.  After greetings and hugs we dragged out the lawn chairs and popped the cap off a couple of nice cold Molson Ices. 

Shauna had to go to work, she’s a per diem nurse and works at a couple of hospitals in the area (not at the same time, silly), so that left Mike, Judy, and I to hold down the fort (oh yes, can’t forget Katie and Alex).  We took a little drive around town to see the changes since we were last here.  There weren’t many over the past eleven months. 

Mike cooked up some grub, a nice salmon with rice and a spinach salad while we continued to visit.  After dessert of a fresh Great Value Drum Stick (thanks Mike E. for planting that suggestion) we spent some more time just looking at each other’s pointed little heads for awhile before making our way to beddy bye.

Sort of, kind of a productive day, wouldn’t you say?  Rain is in the forecast for the next three days, but we won’t let that hold us back.  We’ll find things to do no matter what.  Judy and I have downloaded a couple books to read and I’m sure that the four of us can find some mischief to get into along the way.

So, in the meantime, Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - -  

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  1. Retired the truck for $400? That's pretty good. When I retired the rear duelies on my Ram, It took twice that plus more. Did you do all 4 or only 2?

    Good job on threading the needle. I can parallel park my Cedar Creek on the pad in front of my house with checking my position only once.

    Howard and Linda should have a fifth wheel course rodeo at their next rally.