Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Well, it’s accomplished, however, the roof is not as clean as I would have liked it. It was absolutely positively filthy. After I finished washing it, I finally have it to the point where it just needs to be washed – if you know what I mean. Man, those pine trees were brutal. Most of (not all, but most of) the pine dust has been washed away.

The slideout awnings still have spots of pitch all over them. Once we get back to ‘Bama, I’ll need to lay on the roof and reach out to get some of the pitch off. Then I’ll need to get out the ladder and go at it from the other direction.

To answer a few questions I’ve had about what I use to wash the rig. First of all, when we ordered the rig, we had it “clear coated” (same as a car) so bugs and black streaks wash off easily. For a regular washing I use Liquid Dawn and for deep cleaning I use Lestoil. Lestoil will remove dirt, oil, grease, tar, pine pitch, black streaks, bugs, etc. without hurting the finish.

However, Lestoil does remove wax as well so you’ll need to re-wax the rig after using it. Speaking of waxing, I use Nu-Finish that can be purchased at Walmart in the Auto Section.

We have a fabric awning so I use the Lestoil on it as well. When we had a vinyl awning I used Tilex to kill mildew, especially underneath.

Some rigs have a chalking issue; we don’t have that problem because of the clear coat finish. To solve that issue I suggest you visit a local marine store and ask some questions. They have products to restore the finish to fiberglass and gel coat boat hulls that should work on an RV just as well.

Well, hopefully I “cleaned up” those questions for you and you don’t think that I’m all “washed up”. Of course, I could be, however, those hints have worked pretty well for me over the past years.

Last night we went out to China Rose for dinner with Sandy and Bev (our pastor and his wife). It was nice to spend some time with them before we head out. The meal was outstanding and, on top of that, Sandy treated. Thanks guys, we look forward to seeing you again next summer.

This morning I’ll finish washing the rig and later we’ll go see about having the new tires installed. I think we maybe pulling out of here tomorrow since Thursday and Friday has rain in the forecast. We only have about 75 miles to travel, but it would be nice to get set up in the sunshine rather than in the rain.

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -

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