Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Geek And Rally Stuff

Well, I hate to say it, but there comes a time when you have to say “adios” to an old acquaintance.  I’ve been having a love / hate relationship with Windows Internet Explorer for a long time now.  For some unknown reason, I just want things to work like they’re supposed to and, if the truth be known, I’m somewhat related to Frank Sinatra and “want it my way”.  I’ve been living with this strong willed independent internet browser for far too long, so Windows Internet Explorer, “You’re fired!!!”

So, whacha gonna do?  Well, I downloaded the new Google Chrome internet browser and, after about an hour of setting things up the way I wanted them, it works like a charm.  It does what I tell it to do, not what it wants to do, and it does it much faster WIE.  It doesn’t pout, stamp its feet, have a temper tantrum, and stomp off to its room, slamming the door in my face, when I tell it what I want to have done.  So far it hasn’t locked up on me causing me to have to revert to the task manager to unsnarl it.  It just operates on command.  “Sit Browser, sit!  Atta boy, good Browser!”

Now, if you’re frustrated with your browser as well, you might give Google Chrome a try.  Just a side note, I’ve tried the Firefox Browser in the past and wasn’t as happy with it (I wasn’t unhappy, I just wasn’t happy – I know, which dwarf are you?)

Also, yesterday I forgot to mention that on Monday afternoon we upgraded our modem to Verizon’s new 4G service.  We purchased the Pantech 4G LTE USB Modem UML290 for $9.99 (after a $50 rebate) and reduced our monthly internet charges from $59.95 to $42.50 for the same 5 Gigabyte per month service plan.  Plus, if we exceed the 5GB, then it will only cost $10 for an additional GB - not a bad deal at all.  A quick check on revealed that we had a download speed of 1.99 MB and an upload speed of .79 MB, which is not bad considering that we are not even in a 4G coverage area up here in the sticks.  Bottom line, we are “Happy Little Campers” (well, maybe not so little, but happy none the less).    

Okay, enough of the technical fru fru.  Now it’s onto the Maine Event 2011 get together.  Being that it was another rainy day, we caravanned south to do indoor “stuff”.  The first thing was “feed me” time at Buck Naked’s BBQ then it was off to DeLorme’s for a visit with Big Eartha.  Big E was getting some maintenance done so she wasn’t making her rounds – what’s up with that, huh?   

Randy needed a new pair of deck shoes so what better place than Leon Leonwood Bean’s in Freeport to fulfill that need.  While there, we visited the 1912 Café for a cup of java.  1912 is the year that L. L. Bean’s was founded so they have located a small café right inside the store where you can get sandwiches, drinks, etc., and sit at old fashioned tables (not to be confused with Ol’ Fashioned drinks; although, I suppose you could have an Old Fashioned at the old fashioned tables – if they served alcoholic beverages, that is).

Anyway, after our Freeport visit, we headed for Mike and Peggy’s for more drinks (this time some of us had adult beverages) and more conversation.  We rounded out the day with a stop at Subway on our way back to the fairgrounds.  Mike and Peggy left to go vote leaving Randy, Terry, Judy, and I to continue the chit chat.  Quite an eventful day in spite of the rain.

Terry kept singing, “The sun will come out tomorrow” and, “by gory”, it looks as if that just might happen.  And, further, the weather dude says the temperatures will venture into the seventies by afternoon – a great day for heading for the coast.  We’ll have to see, we’re rounding the troops up for breakfast at the Copper Kettle which will give us an opportunity to discuss the daily activities at that time.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - -   Hopefully, some pictures then.

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  1. DITTO on Chrome!! We switched a couple weeks ago and there's no comparison. Sounds like your weather out east is an unpredictable as here in MN this spring. Looking at some 80's for the weekend so maybe by next week you should get a little of that too.