Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Outing - A Picture Journal

The sun showed up making yesterday an ideal outing day.  We loaded up the vehicles and the six of us took to the beaches.  (Each picture is labeled if you care to take the time to place your cursor over them)


We headed for Land’s End on Bailey Island, one of our favorite spots.  Here is the view from our new RV parking spot.



Randy and Terry are the tourist among us Mainers (or Maineiacs),


A tribute to all Fishermen.



Tea on the veranda, anyone?  And a proper tea it was (I would love to own that “proper tea”, but the taxes would be extremely high).



Here’s a couple of parting shots of our dream home and a hitchhiker seeking a ride inland.



On our way back we stopped off at Mackerel Cove for some more beach time.  Fishermen purposely “beach” their boats so that they can accomplish maintenance work and remove barnacles from the bottom of the boat.  When the tide comes in, the boats will “re-float” once again.


We, also, stopped by Cook’s Lobster Pound to get some pictures of the Cribstone Bridge.  The bridge was built in 1928 to connect Orrs Island and Bailey Island.  The bridge is built out of granite slabs which are strong enough to withstand the currents through “Will’s Gut” while allowing the sea to flow between them as the tide rises and recedes.


Well, thar ya have it.  Today will be another sunny fun filled day.  We’re heading east to view some more of the Maine Coastline.  Be sure to “tune in” again tomorrow – same time, same station.  Until Then, Take Care  - - - - - - -

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