Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Yesterday was one of those perfect fall days with bright shining sun and cooler temperatures (temps in the low 60’s).  We were up bright and early, well, early anyhow, in order to get Judy to the hospital for her ultrasound and blood work (she’ll get the results later today).

We made a quick trip to Lowes to look for some ideas for repairing the damage to the membrane under the coach that was damaged by the blowout.  We found a sheet of hardboard that can be screwed up underneath using self tapping screws.  When I’m through installing that stuff, it will be better than new.

After another quick stop at Walmart to pick up several items, it was home for the rest of the day.  Judy worked on her quilting while I installed the newly painted fender on the driver’s side of the coach, measured for the hardboard (Lowes will cut it to size for us – we’ll pick it up after we get Judy’s test results this afternoon), and aired up all the tires.  The new air compressor is much, much better than the little one I’ve been using.

Nice Piece Of Equipment

Ray and Pat were pulling stumps yesterday afternoon so, here’s a picture I took so I could remember what w*rk looks like.

So This Is What Work Looks Like

While they were busy with that chore, Judy and I found a place in the sun where we could sit and enjoy a cuppa Joe (well, Judy had tea).  It so was nice and warm sitting outside that Alex wanted to come out and join us for a little while (and they say katts can’t smile – you should have seen him).

A Nice Sunny Spot

“So, how’s the Ol’ Ta Do List coming?” you may ask.  Slowly, vewy, vewy slowly!  But, I am making progress.  Today I will finish washing the windows leaving the repairs from the blowout on the passenger side and restringing of the day/night shades on the list. 

It will only take three or four hours to finish all the repairs caused by both tire blowouts (the first one was seventeen months ago).  We’ll be having a restringing day with Ray and Pat sometime this coming weekend as they have three windows to do as well.  Then the Mecosta list will be finished, but you just know that there will be another much longer list once we get back to Rainbow Plantation. 

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  1. I just finished a restringing one of those day-night shades myself a couple of weeks ago. Kind of a pain - but not too bad - easier than installing a power diversion switch!