Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Onto To Elkhart

So, we had our farewell breakfast and then spent the rest of the day socializing and getting ourselves ready to roll.  There were several small items that I wanted to get crossed off the “Ta Do” List which I managed to pull off in spite of all the chit chatting that I engaged in.  Miss Judy got together with Pat and Linda to do some pin point cards; another fun basket weaving endeavor for my bride to work at.

The Chapter 6 Rally has been just what we needed.  An opportunity to spend time with friends, but at a pace that enabled us to catch our breath and get rested up.  We will definitely need to pace ourselves a little better next year.

Around three o’clock we hooked up, pulled out, and dumped tanks, and, then, remained hooked up overnight ready for a quick get away this morning.  We’ll arrive at the Elkhart Campground after about a three hour travel day.  Then it’ll be “party time” with another whole host of present and future friends.  Did I ever tell you that one of the best parts of this lifestyle is all the people you get to meet along the way?   I must have told you at least once before.

Aynhow, join us tomorrow in Elkhart to find out what’s going on in that part of the world as we prepare ourselves for the Escapees RV Club’s 50th Escapade.

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