Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Ye ol’ bod is beginning to wear a little ragged.  We were sooooo tired that we “stood” in bed this morning until zero seven thirty hours (hence the late journal entry this morning).  Today is definitely going to be a laid back, catch your breath kind of day with NO EATING OUT!!!  If we keep eating like this, we’re not only gonna haveta buy bigger clothes, but a bigger house as well!!!

Okay, so what wore ya out, you may query?  Well, Judy spent most of the morning in crafts making a beaded Christmas ornament and then went back after lunch to work on Spirelli note cards.  Then she attended a seminar on Legal Documents. 

I attended two Basic RV Systems seminars in the morning, spent some time airing up our tires, and attended a seminar on Why Use Water Filters.  Then it was 1630 hours and time for the Escapade Happy Hour and Door Prizes (still didn’t win anything - darn).  It was Fun and Games day with a competition to see which team could stuff the most balloons inside panty hose being worn by three different contestants.

Let The Stuffing Begin

Here’s Dortha’s team hard at work.

Dortha's Dreams

Right after the happy hour, a group of us met outside for a surprise presentation to Don and Jenny Manuel.  They are newly weds (last spring) and choose to spend their honeymoon at the Escapade so Don could meet all of Jenny’s RVing friends.  So the group took up a collection to send them on a HOP (Head Out Program) tour that will take place today.  It’s an all day trip around the Goshen area doing sightseeing and shopping culminating with a dinner at an Amish home.

Jenny, Don, and Dortha

Then a group of us (the Frericks, the Meachems, and the Walters) went to the Dutchmaid Diner which has a nice reasonably priced buffet with very good food.  I don’t dare list what we had to eat because it was waaaaay tooooo much and I don’t need the extra calories that I’d get by just talking about it.

Eating Again - Darrell, Ken, Cindy, Jim, Dee, Jim, Ellie

We returned back to the Fairgrounds just in time to go to another seminar entitled Destinations Of The Southwest.  We sat in the back just in case we started to get the “sleepies” (which we did).  So, we snuck out early, however, on our way home, we stumbled onto a Jam session taking place and ended up watching and listening to that for a while.

Jam Session

By that time our pajamas were putting up a real stink because we hadn’t taken them out of the drawer yet and we could hear them clearly at the other end of the Fairgrounds.  So, we made a beeline for home, slipped into them, and sat in our recliners for a while in an attempt to settle down a little before hitting the hay.  Then it was beddy bye where we stayed put until the previously mentioned “zero seven thirty hours” this morning.

The Park In The Fairgrounds

Like I said, today it going to be a “take it easy” day.  We’ll take a stroll around the Fairgrounds for some exercise, but mostly to see who’s out and about.  General RV brought in an Allegro Bay RED (rear engine diesel) motorhome that we want to go see.  Then we’ll pull out our lawn chairs so we can “sit a spell” and that will be pretty much it.

In the words of the late Paul Harvey, “Good Day!”

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