Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Katie’s Random Thoughts

Katie here.  Boy, us katts are really, really liking the digs we have up here in Northern Michigan.  It’s beautiful looking out of our windows with all of the trees surrounding us.  We can watch the birds and, boy, oh boy, there are some big birds up here.  Dad says they’re called turkeys, but I don’t care what you call ‘em, they are big!!  They’re bigger than us katts, if you can imagine that.  Alex had better not get any bright ideas about chasing them birds, they’d eat him for lunch.

Mom and dad have been extremely busy relaxing.  Dad put the awning out and dug out the reclining lawn chairs just so they could do a whole lot more of nothing.  They do get up every once in a while to get something to eat or drink.  They refer to it as their purr-fect day. 

They have even been eating all of their meals right here at home.  Alex and I had thought that the food in the fridge had gone bad since they were eating out so much.  It’s nice to have them around the house more often, it gives us Ragdoll kitties a nice secure, homey feeling, not to mention more affection and treats – that’s just the katts pajamas!

Alex and I heard a rumor that summer is going to fall tonight around 11:00 PM, or something like that.  Anyway, it means cooler temperatures and more colorful leaves are a comin’.  Dad and Mom like Fall, whatever it is, but they both say it just doesn’t last long enough.  It means that winter is just around the corner and with that comes snow.  Ragdolls don’t like snow, it freezes our feet (that is, it would if we walked on it, but we’re indoor katts, ya know).

We had thunderstorms pass through last night.  You should have seen it, two adults and two katts hiding in the bed with the covers pulled up around their noses.  Even the teddy bears were crying.  Dad and Mom say it wasn’t really that bad, but I think they’re just tryin’ to act macho.  The lightening flashed and it went boom, boom, boom outside – enough to make the fur stand up on ones little body. 

We’ll have to see what today will bring.  Mom and dad are going to go see Brian today which means that Alex and I will have to play by ourselves for awhile, but Ray and Pat will be around for part of the day.  They are “fixinto” head out this afternoon on an extended weekend camping trip (retired people don’t have weekends, they have strongends), but Mom and Dad should be home before they leave.

Oh yes, Ray and Pat have a katt; Miss Kitty.  She’s an outdoor katt and likes to roam around the property lines.  She knows enough to leave the turkeys alone and picks on the mice instead.  She’s a snob though, she hasn’t even been over to say, “Hi” to us.  Last year when we were here, she’d come over to see who was occupying her property; I guess she remembers us and figures we belong here, but it would be mighty friendly of her to drop by with a welcome wagon gift or two; no dead mice though.

Oops, mom just put some fresh kitty food into my dish, gotta go!  See ya later!!

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