Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Ta Do List

We met with Brian’s case worker for a few minutes before going over to his apartment to pick him up.  Then it was off to finish his Christmas shopping.  With that behind us, we stopped by Arnie’s Restaurant for lunch – that’s a great little restaurant with a delicious lunch menu.  They even serve a cup cake for dessert as part of each meal; it takes care of the “did we save room for dessert?” question.  It was a yummy meal and we came home with a kitty box (don’t have a dawggie).

Once we returned home, we got busy reinstalling the fender on the right side of the coach.  The repairs on the coach have now been completed.  We even installed hardboard above the tires to replace the torn membrane.  In spite of striking that off the list, the “Ol’ Ta Do” list has continued to grow.  It’s all little “stuff” and we should be able to clear most of it off the list today, but it’s “stuff” none the less.  Boy, I thought going fulltime would get rid of the Ta Do list forever; not so!!!!  ;-)

After picking up the tools and taking a quick shower (I was laying in the dirt to install the hardboard), Miss Judy made us some hot chocolate and we headed for the campfire.  We chatted with Ray and Pat for about an hour before coming home for dinner; the other half of the sandwich that we brought home in a kitty box from Arnie’s.

Today we plan on staying home.  Judy will work on one of her basket weaving projects and I will chase the ever elusive TA DO LIST!!!  You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see if I slay that dragon.  Take care, Have fun, and God Bless.

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