Friday, October 01, 2010

From Alex’s Point Of View

Alex here, Katie and I are really liking our digs here at Ray and Pat’s.  We are in under the trees and there is so much to see out the windows where the squirrels, birds, turkeys, deer, and the antelope roam (well, not exactly antelope, but that’s how the song goes).  Yesterday I got to sit outside on the patio in mom’s lap; that was a fun thing that rarely ever happens.

Mom is uncomfortable whenever I’m outside.  She doesn’t think that I know how to take care of myself and is concerned that I might get spooked and take off.  If I took off, it would be to the inside where I’d feel safe up on the bed.  Anyhow, I enjoyed sitting in Mom’s lap and hopes she takes me outside again real soon.

Even though things are looking very pretty around our here, Dad says that the cold weather is going to set in tonight.  That’s not a good thing because you have to “dress in layers” to go outside.  I didn’t bring any bundling up clothes with me; I just figured we’d be back in the southland before cold sat in.  I sure hope he’s wrong about that darned old cold front – we saw enough of that last winter to last a dozen years or better.

Yesterday Mom worked on one of her quilting projects (Dad calls it basket weaving, hee hee!) while Dad worked on his “Ol’ Ta Do” List.  One of the things on that list was to clip the katt’s nails; that’d be us!  Katie and I don’t like to have our nails clipped, but we’ve learned to tolerate it.  In any event, Dad can “scratch” that one off the list (didcha catch the pun?).

They both made a pretty good dent in their projects, especially Dad on his Ta Do List considering that he accomplished several other things that never made it onto the list.  The big thing left on his list is to defrost the refrigerator.  Dad says that’s a pain in the ass; I guess that’s why he has to stand up to do it.

What’s up for today?  I don’t know, katt’s don’t make lists.  We just go with the flow and we’re happy as long as it’s not a travel day.  Even though we get to see new things and go to exciting places, we basically hate to ride in the truck.  Especially when Dad gets angry at the tires and drives for eleven hours – that makes for a long, long day for us big little kitty katts.

So, from Mecosta, Michigan we bid you adieu.  Happy “tails” to you until we meet again (didcha catch the pun?)!!

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  1. Glad to read your post Alex. Stay warm and be careful around those wild animals.

    Stay Safe