Monday, October 04, 2010

Know Thyself

Today we’ll wrap up our stay with Ray and Pat in Mecosta, Michigan.  We should be back from Grand Rapids before noon and spend the rest of the afternoon “breaking camp”.  Hopefully it will be warm enough to sit around the campfire later this afternoon/evening.

This has been an incredibly fantastic "camp site".  We've gotten a lot done as well as decompressed after a hectic summer.  If cold weather wasn't setting in, it wouldn't be too difficult for us to stay right here for another two weeks. 

We have certainly learned a lot about our preferences this summer.  We love traveling, but not back to back travel days and prefer four or less hours on the road.  However, rather than doing back to back travel days, I'd prefer to just "Git-R Done" which means longer travel days from time to time.  After two or three weeks of traveling we need to break it up with a couple of weeks off by staying in one place. 

And, when it comes to sightseeing, we like to mix it up with a day or two out and about followed by a day or two of relaxing at home.  Further, meeting up with others along the way takes precedence over seeing the sights - I guess, we're just a social couple at heart.

Family matters, so we’ll find ourselves in Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Virginia at least once a year each spring, summer, and/or fall.  That means our travels out west will be extremely limited; therefore, we need to make an “out west bucket list” so that we can prioritize our westward travels.  Unfortunately our lives won’t be long enough to see it all – we should have quit w*rking and hit the road the day after college graduation.

All in all, this has been a great summer with no workamping and from the looks of things, next year is going to be pretty much the same.  This is a great lifestyle and as we’ve said before, “It’s not one size fits all.”  You get to make up the rules as you go, but the first step is to “Know Thyself.”

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  1. Well written. A great summary of your new-found philosophy of life. I benefited from it. Mike Mann