Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sunday Solitude

Not much new going on at the Patterson household.  We did manage to get the day/night shades restrung and reinstalled.  Those things are more work than they’re worth.  If we were rich folks, we’d install Bali stringless blinds ($1,000 to $1,200 to do our whole house).  Heck, if we were rich folks we’d be doing a lot of things differently!!!  But, in the meantime, we’ll just continue restringing the day/night shades.

After wrestling with the day/night shades I was too tired to start defrosting the refrigerator (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) so I just had to lay on the couch and watch college football.  Therefore, the refrigerator has become today’s chore; I suppose when I finish that I will be too tired to do anything else but lay on the couch and watch some more football - sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

For yesterday’s lunch we shared a yummy homemade vegetable beef stew (lovingly made by the hands of Pat) with Ray and Pat.  It was absolutely delicious, not like anything that you’d ever find on the grocery store shelves.  Isn’t it just a wonderful thing when you have great neighbors?

So, this morning, we’ll worship at the World Outreach Church Extension and then jump onto the refrigerator chore before engaging in our relaxation techniques.  Today is our last “sit back and take it easy” day for awhile.  Tomorrow morning we’ll be off bright and early for Brian’s guardianship hearing in Grand Rapids then we’ll come home to start breaking camp.  Tuesday morning we’ll be on the road heading for Fenton, Michigan for a tire exchange followed by a couple of days visiting at Judy’s sister’s place.  Thursday we’ll join with the geese and begin our trek south for the winter.  And Friday, why that’ll be grand children fix day – Yay!!!

Until next time . . . . .   

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