Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Gathering

Gene and Judi showed up at Cedars of Lebanon around one thirty.  We sat and chatted for about an hour catching up on each other’s happenings since our last get together in Maine way back in August.  Then it was time to hit the trail heading for The Gathering at Defeated Creek Campground in Carthage, Tennessee.

A whole herd of Escapees has descended on Middle Tennessee.  No, there wasn’t a prison break although you may think so after you see some of the pictures. 

Anywhoo, before arriving at Defeated Creek we made a stop at the Tater Knob Overlook which “overlooks” Lake Cordell Hull.  This is a man made lake created when the Corps of Engineers dammed the Cumberland River in Smith County.

At The Top Of Tater Knob A View Of The DamLake Cordell Hull A View Across The LandscapeAnother View Of The Dam The "Trail" To The Top

Here’s a picture of Judi and Gene that Judy took while I took a picture of her taking the picture.  Didcha follow all that?

Judi and Gene Curp Picture Of The Picture Taking

We arrived at “The Gathering” right on time.  People were showing up and food was coming out – ya can’t have a Fulltimer’s gathering without food and drink!!!  There are a lot of pictures so just place your cursor over the picture for the caption.

Let The Gathering Begin Jim - Caught Him EatingArlene (Leno) And Judi - Kevin And Gene In The Background Socializing And MunchingPaul and Mary (Boris and Natasha) Don And JennyCheers!! John And SandyGood People, Good Food, Good Times Jim And EllieDoug And JoAnn (Fillmore's Parents) Gregg, John, Sandy, Paul, Mary

It was a great evening, as it always is whenever a group of RVers gather for a Social Time and/or Happy Hour.  Here’s a couple of pictures of a beautiful ending to a beautiful day.

Sun Setting Over Cordell Hull Lake Just Beautiful

Have I ever told you that one of the best parts of this lifestyle is the people you meet and the friends you make?  We have lots and lots and lots of friends – waaaay more than when we lived in stix and brix!!!

Well, in the words of Jenny’s dad - “That’s it for today!”

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  1. Looks like everyone is having a great time. We have noticed that RVers make the best kind friends!

    Travel Safe