Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Housekeeping Day

After several days of activities, it’s time to do the chores.  It doesn’t take long to fall behind on the housekeeping when you get yourselves into the busy cycle.

Miss Judy took a huge basket of laundry off to Matt and Jackie’s while I stayed at home and took care of the routine daily chores as well as vacuuming the house.  I, also, ran the “Furminatior” over the katts – Alex loves it while Katie, not so much.

I’ve needed a new pair of sandals for a long time now and haven’t found any that I’ve liked, so we made a trip up to the Outlet Mall in Lebanon.  And there they were, waiting for me on the clearance rack at the Reebok/Rockport store.

Then we came home where we spent the rest of the afternoon listening to the rain gently falling on our roof.  Nice and pleasant and relaxing - I even cut a few zzz’s.

A little computer time and a little television time rounded out the day.  The rain continued on and off throughout the night and is supposed to continue through the rest of the day.  So, it might just be a nice quiet PJ day at home.  We’ll see, but we are in need of a restful day.

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