Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not Much Happening

The humidity finally moved out and yesterday was a very nice day with the temperatures getting up into the seventies.  Today looks like more of the same. 

Judy and I visited the Foley Senior Center to watch the Advanced Tai Chi class perform and get an overview of the Beginner’s Class.  The instructor will be away for the last three weeks of November so we decided to wait until the first of December to join.  It looks like a lot of fun so we look forward to starting.

My books were ready at the Fairhope Library so we made a quick trip over and back to pick them up.  While we were at it, we stopped at Walmart so Judy could pick up the ingredients for some bran/brownie mix cup cakes – Ellie had made some and they are yummy (oh yes, nutritious as well).  Just don’t eat too many at one time or you’ll be busy for awhile!!!

We spent the evening reading, playing on the computers, and watching a little television – ya gotta love them recliners!!!  Other than that and working on the “Ol’ Ta Do List”, not much new is happening around the Patterson household.

Take care until next time - - - -  

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  1. those chocolate muffins...but only one a day is allowed. LOL!