Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Another “Eventful” Day

“A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum.”  Well, we weren’t really on the way to the forum and, I guess, it wasn’t really a funny thing.  We were on our way to get new tires and guess what?  We had another flat tire!!!  This time it wasn’t a blowout so our Pressure Pro Tire Monitoring System had an opportunity to do its thing.  The alarm went off just before an exit which is two miles south of Alma, Michigan on route 127 so we were able to safely pull off the highway. 

This was another defective Carlisle tire with the radial belt separating and puncturing the side of the tire.  Happiness is pulling out of Discount Tire’s parking lot and seeing those damned Carlisle tires laying on the shop floor!!  Yep, we now have four brand spanking new Michelin XPS Ribs installed on the coach.  These are the top of the line (just ask my pocketbook) and if there’s any further blowouts (or tire issues) then there is nowhere else to go.  We’ll just have to park the rig and start hitchhiking, so here’s hoping that we’ve seen the end of it.

With the flat tire and the two plus hours we spent at Discount Tire (they were very busy), it only took us six and a half hours to make a two and a half hour trip.  We told Warren and Shirley that we weren’t ever coming back again since three out of four flats/blowouts have been on our way to their house.  Just kidding, we’re confident that the new Michelins will return us many more times in the future.

Other than that, Alex wants to know if Ray and Pat will adopt him.  He vocally protested our departure all the way.  He and Katie really liked the spot under the trees that we occupied over the past two and a half weeks.  When we told him that katts weren’t allowed inside their house he changed his mind, but still looks forward to our return next summer. 

Speaking of next year, we have some of our travel plans firmly set in soft putty.  We’ll travel out west with Norm and Linda in April, vacation in Maine with the New Hampshire Pattersons in July, volunteer at Prince William National Forest in Virginia during the month of August, and attend the Gypsy Journal Rally in September.  Now all we have left to figure out is when we’ll travel and visit in Michigan; it will have to be sometime in May and/or June.

Being that we are going to be in Maine and New Hampshire each year, we need to start a “bucket list” of things that we want to see and do along the way.  No more marathon driving events.  There are many things in New York and Pennsylvania that deserve a visit, so we should be able to slow down and smell the roses along the way.

Well, that’s it for today so we’ll see ya again tomorrow from Holly, Michigan.

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  1. Glad to see you are headed South -- The South will rise again!! Safe travels to TN!!